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About the Cookie itself

A creative Chef turning ideas into beautiful things

Our working place

Italian Sugar Design is a small, owner-operated, bakery in Jakarta, Indonesia

We are specialized in custom decorated and handcrafted cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Our cookies are made in small batches with REAL butter, NATURAL extracts and NO PRESERVATIVES. Everything is handmade and freshly baked in our professional oven.

Our treats are designed following your desires and are not only wonderful to look at but also delicious to taste. We use only the freshest and finest ingredients to ensure the best tasting baked goods for you.

Our Skills

None is perfect, unless our products. We put 100% effort in baking for you, and there's strict supervision over all the process steps. Even if we put passion at 100%, our team is product-oriented as you can see below, this is what and how much we love to oven:

  • Cookies 97%

  • Cakes 64%

  • Cupcakes 82%

  • Consultancy 60%

Our Featured Services


Each creation is baked fresh to order with premium ingredients and carefully hand-decorated. Sugar cookies design can be customized any theme


All our cakes are freshly baked & loving decorated. We aim to provide cakes with irresistible, pretty and surprising design. Our goal is to make them as delicious as beautiful.


Baked fresh when you order them, our cupcakes are made with the finest all-natural ingredients, like real vanilla beans, the best european butter, fresh fruit and rich chocolate. We top them with our signature homemade icing or delightful butter cream painted with edible colors.

We Create Unique & Gorgeous Things

How to order

We're making Enac cookies since 2008

Menu Selection

View our Menu selections to choose the best sweetiest for your event. If you don't have a precise idea, have a look to our works selection

Send details

Drop us a line to ask the availability for the date you need to. Send us your sweeties requests and willings, with your delivery address. Don't forget to write down your mobile number!


Once agreed together, we need to receive your payment in advance, as soon as we agreed with the order details and anyway at least 3 days before your delivery date


All our cookies are delivered in our custom boxes, they can resist the rudest shipper. Cakes and Cupcakes indeed are very fragile, you've to pick them up.


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Our Prices

We offer great prices for your delight



  • 1-2 colors
  • Minimal, few details
  • Geometrical shape
  • S dimension (2-4 cm)



  • 2-4 colors
  • moderate details
  • Common shape
  • M dimension (5-7 cm)



  • More than 4 colors
  • Very detailed
  • Custom design in regular shape
  • M/L dimension (6-10 cm)

Super custom


  • More than 4 colors
  • Very detailed or Hand painted
  • Hand cutted shape
  • L dimension (8-12 cm)

Please note:

This pricelist is a general guide, please contact us for a custom quote.

For cakes contact us for a custom design and quote.

Get in Touch

Feel Free to Drop Us a Line to contact us

We're always in touch with our customers, we love your ideas and suggestions. So write us your requests or drop us a line just to share your thoughts. We usually answer in a very short time, if we're late it's because we're in front of the oven!.